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Agribusiness Finance

Agribusiness sector specialists have in-depth knowledge of the agribusiness sector and its value chain, from input suppliers, primary producers, aggregators, processors, wholesalers and retailers of agricultural products and commodities with a particular focus on emerging markets.

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It is a facility granted to business current account holders, which enables them to overdraw the current accounts up to an agreed limit.


  • Short term facility (maximum period is 1 year), 
  • Normally for working capital, 
  • Should fluctuate widely within the approved/agreed limit, 
  • Interest is calculated on utilisation on a daily basis and is debited to the account monthly, 
  • Renewable on expiry, 
  • Repayable on demand, 
  • Usually secured with suitable collateral  Quick and easy to arrange 

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Export Invoicing - Content card
Export Invoicing Discounting

Product targeted at exporting clients within Agriculture value chains including flowers, fresh horticulture, blue berries, macadamia nuts, avocados, hides and skins, fruits and agricultural commodities.

Short term financing product to help exporters meet their immediate working capital requirements as they build on the next export shipments.

Discounting will be done at between 80-90% of the invoice value. 

Production Loan

An Agricultural Production Loan (APL) is short-term credit to support agricultural input costs and working capital financing over a farming season.

This product is suitable for grain farmers cultivating on an irrigation basis for winter and summer cropping. Loans are provided to legal entities in the agricultural sector, including commercial farmers and agri-businesses. 

Facilities are repaid at the end of a season after selling the crop. Drawdown of the next season’s cashflow is allowed upon full repayment of the previous season loan facility. 

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Fixed Term Loan - Content card
Fixed Term Loan

It is a facility granted on a reducing balance basis to finance business improvements of a capital nature. 


  • Structured over Short to medium term facility (maximum period is 1 year), 
  • A separate account to the operating one is opened for the purposes of utilising the facility. 
  • Interest is calculated on a daily balance and is debited to the operating account. 
  • Set loan repayment instalments (e.g. monthly, quarterly or bi annually) 
  • The facility is secured with suitable collateral 

Structured Trade and Commodity Finance

Structured Trade and Commodity Finance (STCF) provides tailor made financial solutions for commercial and commodity related transactions.

Typical products and services include facilities under Collateral Management Agreements (CMA) and financing under Stock Monitoring Arrangements (SMA). 

We also make use of Debtor Financing, Promissory Note and Guarantees under Structured Trade Financing arrangements. 

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We also offer
Crop Insurance

Covers against any loss or damage to crops from growing stage to the selling stage, against perils such as hail, windstorm and fire.

Livestock Insurance
Livestock Insurance

Covers against losses due to accidental death, diseases of a terminal nature, emergency slaughter on advice of a recognized veterinary surgeon and theft of livestock in raising units or paddocks. Livestock Covered include Dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, pigs, sheep and goats.