Stanbic Rewards4U is a loyalty programme for merchants and card holders in Zimbabwe. When you transact with your local MasterCard, VISA or Zimswitch card from any bank, on a participating merchant’s Stanbic Bank POS terminal you earn money back into your Rewards4U account. The money earned can then be transferred to your bank account after you accumulate the minimum cash out amount of $50.

How do you register?

As a customer:

  • Registration is free.
  • You register your debit card by downloading CashbackAPP  on Apple Store or Android Playstore
  • Follow the easy steps to enter your personal and card details
  • The system automatically generates an  account for you which records the amount of money you would have earned for your transactions


As a merchant

  • Merchants that want to participate using an automated integrated Point of Sale, MUST GET a Stanbic POS terminal and sign up for the Stanbic Rewards4U program then their terminals will be configured.
  • The individual merchants agree on a predetermined percentage of the purchase amount to offer as a reward.

How to get rewards

  • On the app you will see the participating merchants and when you transact at these merchants use your registered card on a STANBIC POS terminal.
  • By logging into your account, you can view all transactions and the corresponding reward amounts accumulated


How to redeem the Rewards

After reaching the minimum cash out amount of $50, you can select withdrawal in the app or on your account on to move the funds to your bank account.

An admin fee of $20 will be charged as a once off admin fee per annum, any subsequent withdrawals in the same year will be FREE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Rewards4U

[email protected] or call on +264 4 759471-9

[email protected]

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