Global Money Week Essay Competition Winners

23 Apr 2018

Global Money Week Essay Competition Winners

On the 12th - 16th of March we took part in the  Global Money Week Celebrations. Global Money Week is a financial awareness celebration which takes place annually. It is coordinated by the Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI) Secretariat to raise awareness on Economic Citizenship and directly engage children and youth worldwide on the issue.

We ran an  Essay Competitions were we asked participants below the age of 30 years to submit an essay which should include the following phrase: Money Matters Matter. Essays were not supposed to exceed 400 words.  We gave away cash prizes of $200, $100 and $50  respectively.


Below are the winning essays;



AGE: 26



“Money cannot buy happiness! Money cannot buy love! Money is the root of all evil! Money this, money that!” These are popular statements trending in most social circles. The question that still stands unanswered is their authenticity, validity and credibility. My opinion is that they are simply societal brain washing theories that comfort the poor in their poverty stricken zones. The truth as I will bring out and corroborate is that money matters matter.

Indeed money matters matter. That could be a bit puzzling and discombobulating. Debunking it, it simply means money makes the world go round. It further explains that for everything (matter) to be on the market, it has to be measurable and valuable to enable a smooth transaction of any kind. That can only be done when monetary value is attached thereof.

On clearing the latter negative money statements. Money does buy happiness, not literally though. This is because one cannot queue at supermarket, shop on Amazon or Alibaba for a product/service called happiness. With money, one can shop for any product and satisfy their wants and needs. When those are satisfied, happiness, love and sense of belonging automatically kick and settle in. This is envisaged by Abraham Maslow in his hierarchy of needs when he addressed the need to satisfy physiological and safety needs before love/belonging needs. Economically, there is no such a thing as a free lunch. This applies to love as well. Biblically as in John 3:16, God paid the price (Jesus`s crucifixion) worth more than money, to redeem his children and show his love. This simply means something valuable (matter) needs to be laid down to pave way for every other subsequent thing that superstition say money cannot buy.

On money being speculated as the root of all evil, that`s just a misquotation of 1 Timothy 6:10. Money is not the root of all evil. The love of it is; that obsession even to kill for it. Actually, as King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes said money answers everything. Metaphorically money actually is the oxygen of humankind.

Basically, the above enhance that money matters matter and the conclusion is that to address pressing matters more money; that oxygen of humankind has to be made. This can be done by diversifying and having more sources of income as stated by Forbes a global media company.




AGE: 20



He looked at the clock it was already midnight, he turned to face her half-heartedly. As usual a cold chill ran down his spine, he could never get used to this. She was deep in her sleep, her bald head made her look younger than thirty, her body looked tiny and empty as if life had already started leaving her body. He turned away, tears flooding through his eyes, there was nothing he could do than to watch his wife die. Only if he had money, he would have taken her to the hospital for the chemotherapy. Money was the only obstacle between her wife and cancer treatment. He was determined to do everything to acquire that money, for her life, they could not lose this battle to cancer.

As he approached his elder brother’s office he mumbled a prayer, this was his only hope. They did not see eye to eye but he had thought about this during the night. He had rehearsed his speech, he would shed tears in between words, fall flat on the ground begging and he would not forget promising to bring it back with interest. Lisa had always called his brother the poor man with money, he giggled. His brother was selfish. Then he remembered Lisa was the reason he was here. He had to help Lisa fight against cancer even if it meant worshipping his brother.

 The conversation with the receptionist was short, she looked in her diary mumbling something to herself.  Luke did not bother to ask, her funny make up showed that she had a lot of things that she needed to take care of. She quickly told Luke that the boss was about to leave for a meeting he would be with him shortly. He sat down on the reception bench, waiting.  His brother finally walked in with a grin on his face, “Oh, Luke, I bet you are burdened with a money matters matter otherwise I would not have seen you here …”  Before he could respond to him, Luke’s phone rang and he quickly picked it up. A sharp female voice was screaming; in the background a female elderly voice was urging her to tell him. His surrounding became blurry until it became black. Lisa had lost the battle to cancer, only if he had money, they may have fought better.The battle was over.




AGE: 28




Imagine a funnel, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. A conduit, a device with the sole purpose of channelling substances – without a funnel, the odds of a spillage are predestined towards being highly likely. A funnel is a channel, but it is not a vessel, and therefore logic follows that it does not amass that which streams through its passage. Upon sight of a funnel, can one decipher, discern and/or measure the volume of substance that has flowed through the entirety of its lifetime? Of course not, because a funnel does not have an accumulating function.

Once again, imagine a funnel, but this time more elaborate – envision its outlet conjoined with a pipe that runs horizontally against its vertical axis and branches further down to divide into two vertical pipes parallel to the funnel. The first of the two pipes pours down substance directly into an unknown place of insatiable oblivion, then the second pipe pours substance into an extraordinary dam with prolifically exponential capacity to store and multiply that which it holds in storage.

The ‘substance’ is money, the ‘funnel’ is the way we use it, the outlet represents our measure of financial intelligence as well as the description of the utility of money – the two pipes epitomise an asset and a liability, substance is consumed by only either one of the two. The less enlightened on the financial intelligence scale lose all their substance to liabilities straight from the funnels’ outlet, the more enlightened split their substance between assets and liabilities. The ‘dam’ represents savings, investments and the potential to make money work for you.

Each time substance is channelled towards a liability it’s gone for good, and furthermore, a liability to you is an asset to someone else – a liability is substance pouring from your funnel into someone else’s dam. So when exactly is the right time to start paying yourself i.e. conjoining your funnel to the two pipes such that the other pipe channels your substance into your own dam.

Imagine the potential of having a dam that started collecting from your teens until you’re 30... Imagine the potential that could be realized through a better financial intelligence quotient hinged on channelling substance into that dam as early as possible and reap the benefits of the dams’ accumulation. Make money matters matter – the time is now or never.